Greg Bodine: Bodine Advisors & Innovia Group
former senior Gift & Estate Planner, The Salvation Army Southwest Division

HAD I KNOWN that an extensive Arizona Superior Court record in which you are found to be in contempt of court multiple times, declared a vexatious litigant, ordered incarcerated, and sanctioned over $16,000.00 existed in the public domain; and had I known that the Prescott Justice Court shows an eviction filing against you for nonpayment of rent and an unsatisfied judgment of $7,458.55, I would never have engaged you, Innovia Group, or Bodine Advisors and referred you to my nonprofit client who ended up firing you. Judges of the Superior Court have described you as "skilled at spinning his story, willing to sacrifice his integrity, not honest or credible, self-serving, not believable, and petulant." My experience with you affirms their commentary as entirely accurate.